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coiled hopes of this boy

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the milton berle of homicide;
7 September 1982
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(poe-taye-toe), (potato), absolute body control, alleine zu zweit, ambiguity, amélie nothomb, andi sex gang, anna-varney, ausgang, benevolent cannibalism, bernard cantat, blixa bargeld, calendar hung itself, chapter9photography.com, collection d'arnell-andréa, coralie trinh thi, court terme et l'infini, deathrock, disintegrate this mind, downcorrespondence, elegance and self-annihilation, feindflug, gary numan, grauzone, heroin daydream, insidious sidewalks, it's-batcave-not-batrave, je chante par couverture, jejune hopes, knaves, künstliche welten, l'écriture, leonard cohen, les hurleurs, life is elsewhere, major mite, mausoleum of crystal, mean street, milan kundera, million lights, neil gaiman, old time radio, orthography, parallel depth entwined, princesse robert, quiet intellect, raison d'être, ralph lazarus, rubella ballet, seduction, september torment, the chap, the dancing did, the impossible exchange, the long shadows, the merry thoughts, the neon judgement, unbearable vanity, virtue bereft, whited sepulchre life, zero le creche, zounds

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