temptress break through me;

cleave widening lacerations to   +   a frail coating of uncertainty
all manners of origins   -+-   lay exposed for your poison

last set @ club katacombes; _[2009] Tuesday December 22nd at 05:18_
gary numan - are friends electric?
charles de goal - he's gonna step on your ballroom blitz
gang of four - what we all want
siglo xx - art of war
virgin prunes - baby turns blue (short)
spk - metal dance
the europeans - drink pink zinc!
grauzone - wütendes glas
death rock los angeles - my death rock cock
the cure - throw your foot away
adam & the ants - puerto rican
happy mondays - 24 hour party people
sex gang children - barbarossa (drum mix)
suicide - ghost rider
john cooper clarke - evidently chickentown
the stranglers - nice 'n' sleazy
the capricorns - the new sound
45 grave - riboflavin [...]
leonard cohen - first, we take manhattan
the danse society - we're so happy
tones on tail - performance (shakes)
felt - trails of colour dissolve
the creatures - manchild
the dancing did - badger boys
nash the slash - swing-shift
crass - walls
specimen - hex
ausgang - here it comes!
polyphonic size - logique polygonale
berurier noir - la mort au choix
christian death - romeo's distress ii
action pact - gothic party time
prozac + - ringraziati
the jesus & mary chain - taste the floor
the psychedelic furs - i wanna sleep with you
the ramones - somebody put something in my drink
current 93 - oh! coal black smith [rhythmic]
santeria - moondance
einstürzende neubauten - selbstportait mit kater
the faint - worked up so sexual
pete shelley - telephone operator
gary numan - listen to my voice [hybrid mix]
ohgr - cracker
nina hagen - born in xixax
the cramps - garbageman
no more - suicide commando
fad gadget - collapsing new people
neon judgement - chinese black
miss kittin & golden boy - rippin kittin
lovage - stroker ace
pixies - debaser
public image ltd. - disappointed
muslimgauze - find the missing chord i play
dead can dance - the ubiquitous mr. lovegrove
niagara - tchiki boum
the normal - warm leatherette
siouxsie & the banshees - red light
the clash - this is radio clash
DJ URIEL followed.
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creed LIVE, bitches. live. _[2009] Saturday August 29th at 11:26_
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hey humanity, i'm done. _[2009] Thursday July 2nd at 20:01_
i've just finished dressing salad before the main course, and i turn the tv on. it's WHEEL OF FORTUNE's intellectual hijinks!! FINAL SPIN!

_ O O D - B U R N I N G

six guesses. in a row. there they are:


and then, some asshole ventured a W. OHMYCHRISTAWOODBURNINGSTOVE. this sure was worth five thousand dollars!

i quit, guys.
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welcome to dog rivNOGODDAMNITNO. _[2009] Monday March 16th at 22:38_
this brand new episode of corner gas is brought to you by cheez whiz.
cheez whiz -- add personality!


i'm impressed. words fail me. according to the laws of probabilities, the chances of finding a soulmate, the one and only perfect match in a single lifetime, are very near impossible.

rejoice, friends, because the miracle has happened once again before your skeptical eyes.. and this time, the honours go to canadian primetime programming. the television production which, year after year, succeeds in staying the most mediocre, bland, and irritatingly inane piece of garbage still on the air has managed to find a sponsor which meets every one of these criteria, and they're also both ironically devoid of personality despite what their jazzy slogan would have you swallow.

for those who have not yet experienced the soulsucking, car crash-like unpleasantness of sitting through even a few seconds of corner gas, let me try to break it down for you. this, according to very reliable sources, is a behind-the-scenes look at the step-by-step production manual which was followed in its entirety and led to the birth of this unmatched opus. let's read on!

- take a few underachieving, borderline retarded unemployed stand-up "comedians" from regina and/or saskatoon.
- sit them in a room with shiny objects & free mountain dew so they can focus for just long enough to create twenty-three minutes of offensively banal, vomit-inducing minutia about a gaggle of complete losers in the middle of nowhere and their shitty lives centered around a gas station.
- then, find a network executive with chrome-plated balls to stamp this mountain of swine refuse with the words "sitcom script".
- after that, thumb through your local white pages, stopping and pointing randomly to find a few nobodies who would express the desire to star in, well, anything.
- widen your scope to local down's syndrome day activity centres and grab your superstar! your leading man, your champion!
- get a camera, a few spotlights, a cheap prairie setting, and an equally vile sponsor.


what will the script look like? nothing could matter less, since any living organism with a semblance of brain matter will have turned their televisions the fuck off after thirteen seconds.


cheez whiz & corner gas. together at last. did i mention 1.5 million canadian viewers tune in every week for this? where's my vicodin. (& before the "lolz canadians" comments start sneaking in, make sure you guys remember NASCAR & creationism first.)
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let's stretch; _[2009] Sunday February 22nd at 15:33_

'this won't hurt a bit. i can even do shit on my cell phone while it's..' he states, brazenly.

4 more, the experience.Collapse )
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12 cover whats. _[2009] Sunday February 15th at 03:36_
my favourite 12 cover blah blah blah stupid meme, here it goes.
01 - oomph! - eisbär [grauzone]
02 - cat power - satisfaction [rolling stones]
03 - lxl - sabrina [einstürzende neubauten]
04 - yat-kha (albert kuvezin) - love will tear us apart [joy division]
05 - ausgang - i wanna be your dog [the stooges]
06 - d.i. - uncontrollable urge [devo]
07 - golden boy, miss kittin - rippin' kittin [the misfits]
08 - the faint - southern belles in london sing [b-movie]
09 - the deadfly ensemble - zah, zuh, zaz [cab calloway]
10 - miss kittin - 3eme sexe [indochine]
11 - matt pollard - dirge for the frosty plains [nobuo uematsu]
12 - the cramps - human fly [the rumblers]

music lovers -- call me on it; i'm totally cheating on some of these. GO.
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election night: a visual metaphor; _[2008] Wednesday November 5th at 00:35_

mccain+supporters: right.
obama+supporters: left.

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new feature -- movie review! _[2008] Tuesday October 7th at 03:43_
THIS WEEK -- THE STANGERS (2008) [Bryan Bertino], starring Liv TYLER!

here's how you save roughly an hour and fifteen minutes of your life. ready?

one hour and ten minutes:


last five minutes:


the end.

out a ten possible stars, i barely give this one a nasty, unsatisfying, kick in the balls-type star, much like the sour center of a jawbreaker. you chew on that goddamned thing for like twenty minutes, and then it tastes absolutely terrible. this is a movie jawbreaker. if i ever see liv tyler or bryan bertino, they can expect a punch in the face.

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..well, do you? _[2008] Monday September 29th at 01:49_

you be the judge.
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this, my friends, is something you have not seen before; _[2008] Tuesday September 23rd at 03:55_
a friend of mine has this questionably obnoxious & difficult roommate. for the sake of this experiment (& purism in general), let's call him 'willy'.

recently, i found myself watching 'homewreckers', a CKY spinoff starring ryan dunn pulling & mostly teaching you how to prank the people you love/hate.

-+ one prank: the cheese deodorant. +-

- one part cream cheese, philadelphia or other;
- one part white paste deodorant.

essentially, the goal is to crank up the deodorant stick far enough so that you can cut some off with a knife. then, pull the shortened stick back in, and spread some cream cheese. fashion lump of cheese into the top of a deodorant stick, put cap back on.

now, the next time anyone uses that thinking it's fresh deodorant, they'll be spreading a thin layer of cream cheese in their armpits. if they're one of those people who get ready in a hurry in the morning, the cheese will go by unnoticed, and the poor victim ends up going to work, being stuck with cream cheese in the armpits instead of deodorant. you can imagine the smell after a few hours.

this prank is pure win, and we're doing it. this is the proof. you can follow the day by day evolution by clicking on this link, which is quite possibly the best blog ever created in the history of blogging. keep checking it, there will be daily updates.

blogspot -- a very philly willy.
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pick of the litter; _[2008] Wednesday August 13th at 12:49_

within the next, say, ten years, there will be a genuine entry in here.
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sign up and vote right away. _[2008] Monday July 14th at 22:20_

if you want hockey to become BETTER FOREVER. just saying.
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happy national holiday, kwebek; _[2008] Tuesday June 24th at 14:34_
celebrate in style with a case full of high quality german import.

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_[2008] Sunday June 8th at 01:52_
a) i have pneumonia. again.

b) sly & the family stone must perish in a very large vat of acid, lugging every horrible piece of audiophonic garbage they ever released along for the ride.
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_[2008] Wednesday May 14th at 23:02_
goth card: revoked;

walked out of a [motherfucking] cure concert after just over an hour because of:

- exhaustion
- migraine
- bobby smith's new groove (aka. no-groove, the butterball diet for the greasemonkey uncle look)
- disappointment at the utter MURDERING of 'the walk'

mostly a + b, however. the rest, i could have brooked with habitual cynicism. i am failure tonight, yes i am.
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there's cool, and then, there's REALLY COOL- _[2008] Tuesday April 29th at 20:03_

i don't know, i mean, i hear good things.
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primaries? schmimaries AMIRITE- _[2008] Tuesday April 22nd at 23:32_
in recent news, let me use most, or maybe ALL of my eloquence to say:

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck hilary.


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x-posts ahoy; _[2008] Sunday April 13th at 14:37_

The Basking Sharks LIVE INTERVIEW!

Do not miss this week's show, which will include a live interview with Adrian Todd & Martin Eames from the minimal synth wave outfit THE BASKING SHARKS.

This live bridge between Canada & the UK will satiate your thirst of knowledge for the illustrious career of the Sharks. Discography, influences, other collaborations, the whole nine. Until then, stay on your toes, & stay ugly!

BMFUC - Wednesday, 6-7pm on CJLO.
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the basking sharks; _[2008] Saturday April 5th at 07:55_
i've done a lot of things
that don't show my face /
i was a man before my shadow took the chase
it happened once in a keyside bar
here, in the diamond age /
i keep runnning, but i don't get far
here, in the diamond age
now you're the shadow, & i'm the star
here, in the diamond age
i'm the man with the golden scar
here, in the diamond age /

eleven days before the interview. stay tuned.
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this is your friday night; _[2008] Friday March 28th at 14:08_

labour of love - silentshout
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