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promo-ish? _[2008] Tuesday March 4th at 03:21_
dj axiene [meee.] was at katacombes tonight. were you there? did you enjoy yourself? uhuh.

tomorrow - reviewing the hives & donnas show for cjlo magazine. meeting djmr_black there, & then guesting on his wonderful saphir friday in a week or two.

day after - ugly_children back in full force. no doubt. listen up, 6-7pm montreal time, cjlo.com.

fun fact: loto-quebec is paying my rent this month. [axiene: +300 today, machine: -670 total.]

oh hay relocated venue! i bet the hives were pretty good.
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yes, i scarcely update, but-- _[2008] Thursday February 21st at 04:07_

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on an insanity scale of one to ten, this shatters the mercury and fucking leaps straight in your eye _[2008] Wednesday January 16th at 01:30_
HAY KIDS. wanna try something new?
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_[2008] Saturday January 12th at 16:25_

dark eyelids, dada dada die-
but life's breast like a sun against my head

dj axiene @ katacombes this monday w/ dj uriel & vj wax.
come say hello.
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somewhat old, but OH NO; _[2008] Sunday January 6th at 08:03_
if you only have one video to watch as a dying/birthday wish, let it be this one. A+.

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x-theft, two comms, still adequate; _[2007] Wednesday December 26th at 03:10_
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inner forearm - 9 inches, bend to wrist; _[2007] Thursday December 13th at 21:51_

in echo park, i
pause for effect & whisper 'who are you?'

done at studio tentation by freakynat.
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i wait in line, mothafucka. _[2007] Wednesday December 5th at 10:19_

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timeline - lj memories; _[2007] Wednesday December 5th at 03:18_
scribbles from early december spanning the last six years, & the evolution therein;Collapse )


interesting to see the changes. some veteran users may recognize their own comments & experience that profound lip-biting feeling that creeps up on you when you're looking at old heirlooms or dated pictures. i know i did when i read my own stuff.

this year? something on facebook about this picture of the singing cow from tricot machine, which is quite possibly the fourth or fifth worst band in the history of bands throughout the universe, where i added the clever wordplay caption: "TRISO MACHINE." feel the progress.
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we are not open / non-business hours are as follows; _[2007] Wednesday November 7th at 23:40_

we're, you know, we're pretty damn closed. except on sunday. we're euro-closed on sunday.

what do we sell? shit, if you have to ask, you're just not ready for it. it keeps your kids in line just in time for thanksgiving.Collapse )
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_[2007] Sunday November 4th at 07:37_
this is your official invite to what will naturally be the EVENT OF THE CENTURY -- dj uriel, vj wax, & myself, dj axiene, together again for one night of pure awesome. this is a list of the many factors which will contribute to the deliciousness:

- no cover charge!
- extremely cheap drinks!
- conveniently located!
- candlelit dancefloor!
- free video projection! (WITH SOUND.)
- free sound projection! (SOMETIMES NO VIDEO.)
- added mystery perks! (FOR MAXIMUM MYSTERY.)

if this list were any longer, it would quite possible become illegal. it's THIS MONDAY. your options are this, or bowling with your mom.

i think you know where you'll be.

right here.

1222 st-laurent, corner of ste-catherine. if the location was any better, it would be in your goddamned living room.


holy shit -- THE SCROLL will also be playing! check 'em out at http://www.myspace.com/thescroll for extra good times. thanks von_zombie!
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edition ii, back with MORE ANGER; _[2007] Wednesday October 31st at 01:22_

link courtesy of katie. also, check out the next burning monday @ club katacombes. i hear none other than ME will be playing some musics!
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i've made a huge miscake; _[2007] Thursday October 25th at 03:00_
from a forwarded e-mail:

“we had a “going away” party yesterday for a lady at our little rock claim office. one of the supervisors called a wal-mart and ordered the cake. he told them to write:
“best wishes suzanne”, and underneath that, “we will miss you”.
as the picture shows, it didn’t quite turn out right. it was too funny not to keep it.”

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uglier than ever; _[2007] Thursday October 25th at 01:46_

new timeslot! new design [thanks to tristia]! new equipment! same ugly.

we're back from the summer hiatus. no one is safe.

THE BMFUC 2.0, EPISODE I (click to download)

1. fad gadget - state of the nation
2. malaria! - kaltes klares wasser
3. the sound - as feeling dies
4. pink industry - extreme
5. pixies - debaser
6. kings of nuthin' - the kids will have no say
7. cpc gangbangs - jeff starship
8. the monks - i hate you
9. the psychedelic furs - alice's house (alternate version)
10. jad wio - cellar dance
11. siekiera - bez konca
12. indians in moscow - puppet dance
13. gary numan - crazier (feat. rico & andy gray)
14. x-quadrat - der digitaltanz
15. ESG - you make no sense
16. the actor - gentlemen & pettycoats
17. sexgang children - the times of our lives
18. the vanishing - lovesick
19. bauhaus - stigmata martyr
20. leningrad sandwich - meat factory
21. le syndicat électronique - death programm
22. imiafan - toothpaste
23. skinny puppy - blue serge
24. tent - crawl over
25. einstürzende neubauten - yu-gung
26. drla - my death rock cock

event calendar --
- buried alive! at club saphir, next friday;
- dj chrysalis at burning monday, club katacombes, next monday;
- the scroll live, club absynthe, next wednesday;
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this is the 13th letter of the hebrew alphabet; _[2007] Wednesday October 24th at 01:23_
retinadarling cracked me across the skull with the seven-interest-scam, another livejournal fuckery for your rapid scrolling pleasure. this is where one party picks seven quirky little phrases in your listed interests & asks you to dissect them while you sit there, just taking it.

she spoke of:

whited sepulchre life -- to demystify: was not chosen for the dark, brooding voluptuous curves of its etymology simply because it sounded gothballs; the expression is quite valid to this day & can be looked up in your favourite tool of higher knowledge. mine has this to say about it: "a person who is inwardly evil but outwardly professes to be virtuous." it made sense at some point but, just like an ugly goddaughter, i'm stuck with it.

the impossible exchange -- a) first, b) so it will remain.

mean street -- a many-pronged convergence of ideas. this city being the vanilla osmond of modern urbanism, when hearing people vomiting on about the "mean streets of x&ytown", i often found myself taking a realistic look at montreal's silky princess coccoon & laughing at the pseudo-thugs populating the coffee houses. i would sometimes concede to the existence of one. single. lonely. mean-ish street. my choice has not yet rested on which, however. i'll let you know. [also, 'mean street' was the name of gary numan's elusive first band, of which no recordings can be found anywhere, ever. if you do have some, you're first in line for my kidney.]

ralph lazarus -- stemming from a vetust obsession with trevor montgomery's album "songs for an unborn sun", for which he used the pseudonym "lazarus". the timeline is sketchy, but i did at some point get into a conversation with somebody who claimed to know this piece of work during the height of my appreciation for it, and this individual was absolutely adamant that the artist who had released this album was named ralph lazarus. after pointing out many times that the aforementioned handle was chosen by the artist as "JUST lazarus" for its biblical meaning & its pertinence therein along the album's background, they maintained their position that "ralph" was this man's unfortunate first name, and that the remainder of that monicker was a mere family tree matter. eventually, i came to gradually outgrow [ralph!] lazarus' whiny / tired work & started viewing it more as a marketing ploy to whisk away the emo kids and their $16. out of pure curiosity, i made a search on the potential existence of an actual ralph, and lo. tie-in. the guy did exist, but he did not write or sing songs. he was one of the fathers of modern american marketing / retail. bang!

million lights -- defining skylines. overhead panoramic. cities communicate, telegraphic instances with visual aid. your run-of-the-mill fascination. also comes in opus for the very slightly tone-deaf.

insidious sidewalks -- a statement in the absence of grace. initially some sort of moving observation on how any random concrete slab could become the cradle to one's deepest fears, strongest regrets, [this could go on forever. see: gothballs;] it has now evolved & grown to its most literary meaning -- watch the fuck out for sidewalks. seriously. i wipe out at least three times a week in this city. i can either blame the poor state of asphalt & rock-like products in general, or my own deluxe clumsiness. all good, really.

downcorrespondence -- oh pshhhh. that wasn't even on there.

there. now, if you comment, i'll pick seven of yours, and then you can spread this eight second fad like the filthy plague it truly is. go!
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h-oly shit, a meme; _[2007] Friday September 28th at 17:49_
ten favourite whatevers starting with something, you know. comment on this entry for your very own letter of timewastery. note: i'll be merciless, because i have to take some form of revenge on the world since evil_mom gave me 'h'. THANKS EM.

1. hagar the womb. funnery in a nunnery.

2. häagen-dazs. sticky toffee pudding. melts in your mouth, and also in your-

3. hand(s). your hands, show them to me.

4. hash browns. a potatoful concoction! breakfast delicacy! [i am h-reaching!]

5. hobo lotto, or 'lucky quêteux', a game for the whole family. inquire within.

6. homer, hoo has a hankerin' for some spankerin' in this episode.

7. hoes, as in 'bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks'. cardinaldirection-side, yo.

8. helene. she's pretty swank.

9. hell ftw. DID YOU KNOW: hell, while being fiery and awesome, is also the birthplace of registered sex offender & entirely unfunny "comedian" brent butt from corner gas?

10. hary numan. one of those letters might be a LIE.
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oh, 1975- _[2007] Sunday September 23rd at 23:39_
go ahead, make some strategic moves.

[courtesy of jdm. encourage local talent ftw!]
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the gas machine, your favourite monopoly; _[2007] Tuesday September 11th at 21:39_

'hello, this is the gas company. we're calling to let you know that our technician will be dropping by your house.

your time window is:

the rapture!

thank you for choosing metropolitan gas, the only possible shitty provider of gas service in the greater montreal area.

don't like us? that's too bad! we're all you have, i mean, if you enjoy HEATING AND HOT WATER. goodbye!'

EDIT: the gas saga, DETAILED.Collapse )
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BIRTHDAY WEEKEND - YES; _[2007] Monday September 10th at 02:05_
many great feats accomplished.

one of those:

BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD. me: i climb it for you. view at your own peril.

one, see it. this one.

rest of the experience.Collapse )
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on 'kings of leon'; _[2007] Friday September 7th at 01:26_
- "hey, you wanna know who's pretty awesome when you want to hear an artist who tries really hard to sound like iggy pop?"



also, i turn 25 today. haaaaappy (etc.)
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